Sunday, January 3, 2010

Awesome start to the New Year 2010

What a great market day was yesterday! Wow!
Great band, Belly dancers and Bollywood dancing.

How much did we dance!
It was so good to see not only little girls but also teenage girls and boys, ladies and men have fun. I guess they were all from out of town. Surely they will keep these memories forever. They had so much fun after all. Woolgoolga will be an unforgettable experience for them all.

So many tourists. Every person I spoke to was either from Sydney, Brisbane, Port Macquarie or somewhere else.

I met a lady who grew up in Woolgoolga, went to Woolgoolga High School with John Arkan and now happily lives in Canberra with her young family. She is happy in Canberra but when I asked her "Is Canberra a paradise for you?". She said "No". So I guess John was right when he didn't let us move to any other city, nine years ago, when I was being offered double the pay I earn now. No pay package is bigger than our little paradise 'Woolgoolga'.

I have just come back from India. Every time I return, I feel more patriotic towards this beautiful paradise 'Woolgoolga'.

Note the happy partners roaming in the market. This is the magic of Woolgoolga waters that works wonders with peoples moods. I feel like writing a poem on the beauty of Woolgoolga. May be another day!

If the world was to end in 2012 and I had the power to save two places in the world, they would be Golden Temple in Amritsar and Woolgoolga Headland and beach.

Now if you are wondering what is this Golden Temple. Let me show you the photo of the place where I spent most of my days in India. And who did I meet? A whole lot of like minded Aussies who are willing to help me with my non-profit organisation to help the street kids of India. This place does fulfill all desires.

With you imagination, just add the beautiful music to the scene. The peaceful music is played with the hymns praising the One Universal God that sees all beings as his own creation; and teach us to respect God's creation and see Him in the beauty of the nature, from 3am till 10pm.

See the following link, not the best link but the one I could find quickly, for more information on Amritsar

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