Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why support a colourful market?

Bollywood market benefits everyone. 

In this time of bust when businesses and government are cutting costs and shaking staff, leaving hundreds of people unemployed, you can help!

This market gives you an opportunity to support the following

*  the unemployed to start a new stall for self-employment.
*  the farmers to sell their fresh produce locally.
* the environment by helping consume the local produce so there is no need to transport it.
* locals to become more artistic and enjoy the creativity.
* tourism by giving a reason to the visitors from neighbouring shires to come regularly.
* local entertainers to showcase and enhance their performance and skills.
* local non-profit groups to raise funds.
* Most of all, have a vibrant lifestyle in Woolgoolga with quality entertainment twice a month, giving your family an opportunity to enjoy life

Love multiplies when you share it! Fear stops you from breathing the fresh air.

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